General Convention 2018

What is General Convention? If you have a chance, please download and browse the 78th General Convention Booklet. It’s informative and illustrates the workings of our polity and legislative process.

For the 79th General Convention (GC), we will meet at the Austin Convention Center in Downtown Austin, Texas from July 3 to July 13, 2018. The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) Triennial convenes July 5 to July 11. Our host will be the Diocese of Texas which have worked tirelessly to coordinate the logistics with the General Convention Office. Here are the calendars for General Convention, ECW, and draft General Convention Schedule.


Diocese of California – 2018 General Convention Deputation

At our diocesan convention in 2016, we elected all 16 members to the deputation which are comprised of 8 deputies (4 clergy/4 lay) and 8 alternates (4 clergy/4 lay). Click on their name for their diocesan convention photo and biography.

The Rev. Eric Metoyer Mr. Warren Wong
The Rev. Vanessa Stickler Glass (Co-Chair) Ms. Sarah Lawton (Co-Chair)
The Rev. Merry Chan Ong Mr. Christopher Hayes
The Rev. Hailey McKeefry Delmas (Secretary) Ms. Carolyn Gaines
The Rev. David Ota (Treasurer) Ms. AnnaMarie Hoos (Housing)
The Rev. Dr. Ruth Meyers (Chaplain) Ms. Diane FitzGibbon
The Rev. Chip Larrimore Ms. Karma Quick-Panwala
The Rev. Br. Richard Edward Helmer Mr. Ron Hermanson


DioCal Staff at General Convention
Several members of diocesan staff will be at General Convention, in various roles. Here's a quick listing of who they are and what they will be up to:
Look for our Transition Minister, Denise Obando, on the platform behind the Secretary of the General Convention in the House Of Deputies. Denise is the Agenda Supervisor in this House, helping the officials stay on track during the legislative sessions. Denise will also participate in a lunchtime conversation on Thursday, July 5 with her fellow members of the Board for Transition Ministry at the OTM booth.
Caren Miles, our Associate for Faith Formation, is attending her third General Convention as the Coordinator for the Children’s Program. She’s been working for the last year gathering and preparing a team for the ten days of snacks, worship, field trips, stories, naps, games, adventures, and more for the children of bishops, delegates, staff, and volunteers at convention.
DioCal Communications Director Stephanie Martin Taylor will be working with our deputation to read the word about their important work at General Convention. She is also helping coordinate our July 9th “California and Friends Night” reception supporting and celebrating faith-based efforts to curb climate change.


Diocese of California Priorities

We met once in 2016, twice in 2017, and will be meeting five times in 2018 before GC Austin. Our DioCal priorities are center around six key themes:

  • Liturgy & Music (Book of Common Prayer & Hymnal revisions, musical resources, regularization, gendered language, marriage task force, and trial use liturgies, translations for Chinese and Spanish use)

  • Evangelism (bi-vocational clergy, formation, small church leadership, mission strategy, racial reconciliation, useful metrics)

  • Care of Creation (climate change, environmental justice, water, energy policy)

  • International (Haiti, Cuba, Palestine/Israel, refugees & migration, nationalism)

  • Social Justice (gender wage equity, transgender dignity, racial justice, immigration, voting rights, DACA/Dreamers, deportations, sanctuary cities, addictions)

  • Governance (interim bodies strategy, Program, Budget & Finance resolutions on funding, Constitution & Canons, Title IV- Safeguard, Church Pension Fund, stewardship)

Six resolutions were shepherded through our diocesan convention targeted for this General Convention.

They were assigned resolution numbers “C” representing they come from diocesan conventions. Other dioceses have submitted similar resolutions shown in parenthesis:

  1. #C017 - A Just Peace in the Holy Land
  2. #C018 - Becoming a Sanctuary Church (#C009 - New Jersey)
  3. #C019 - Church-Wide Paid Family Leave (#C004 - Virginia)
  4. #C020 - Climate Change, Carbon Tax (#A014 - Stewardship of Creation)
  5. #C021 - Climate Change, Corporate Governance (tbd - Southern Ohio)
  6. #C022 - Supporting Transgender Access (#C006 - Virginia)
Seven members plus Bishop Marc Andrus were appointed to these legislative committees:

#3 Safeguarding and Title IV – Deputy Christopher Hayes, vice chair;

#4 Governance and Structure – Deputy Carolyn Gaines;

#7 Social Justice and International Policy – Deputy Sarah Lawton, chair;

#9 Racial Justice and Reconciliation – Deputies Eric Metoyer and Vanessa Glass;

#18 Stewardship & Social Responsible Investing – Deputy Warren Wong;

#20 Environmental Stewardship and Care of Creation – Bishop Marc;

#26 House of Deputies Resolution Review – Alternate Richard Edward Helmer, secretary


The Blue Book and Binder

The bulk and weight of thick paper binders have been replaced with electronic tools. Starting in 2015, the bishops and deputies transitioned from paper Blue Book binders to a Virtual Binder utilizing an iPad Tablet. Legislative committee work in the morning is updated and ready for our legislative sessions in both Houses almost instantaneously. You can follow the life of legislation as it unfolds during General Convention by accessing the virtual binder online from any web browser. Click the hyperlinks below to take a look.

Here are 10 hot topics coming before General Convention:

A028 - Salary for the President of the House of Deputies

A041 - Episcopal Church-United Methodist Dialogue

A052 - Matters Pertaining to The Episcopal Church in Cuba

A053 - Design a New Parochial Report

A060 - Create a Task Force to Study Church's Pension System

A068 - Plan for the Revision of the Book of Common Prayer

A080 - A Season of Provincial Discernment

A085 - Trial Use of Marriage Liturgies — read the deputation's statement on A085 here!

A086 - Authorize Rites to Bless Relationships

A087 - Develop Relationship Pastoral Resources


Participate from the Bay Area!