Abundance Community at Bayview Mission

Abundance Community at Bayview Mission is a special mission of the Diocese of California that receives support from Grace Cathedral. We are located in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood at 1547 Jerrold Avenue near Third Street.

In the gospel, we hear of a mob of people demanding food. This mob was unmanageable. Jesus asked for small groups to form. It was only when these small groups formed that the sharing and problem-solving began. This was the miracle … abundance following the fear of scarcity.

Abundance Community recognizes the opportunity to alleviate hunger and scarcity through a sharing community — 

• We believe that sharing the things that we are taught to hold onto are the very things that we should place on the table and disperse.

• We marvel in the miracles found in the garden. 

• We value those who are willing to share their knowledge.

• We believe that charity can separate communities while sharing can foster community.

Abundance Community has experienced the following events together and we welcome your participation —

• Shared meals

• Garden workdays

• Cooking classes for children

• Evening Compline


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Timely blog posts from Abundance Community are available in the DioCal Voices section here.

Your support is welcomed through the Diocese of California by clicking here — (on the “Select an option” drop down menu, click Abundance Community)


For more information contact Cheryl Hendrickson, hendrickson_cheryl@yahoo.com