Welcome ESC intern Miles Margrave

My name is Miles, I am transgender, a California native, and a lover of all things spiritual. I was raised in a non-religious household, but studied and practiced religion whenever and wherever I could, with particular interest in magical traditions such as Wicca. I was very hostile toward Christianity for much of my adulthood, something which only changed a few years ago when I had what my friends call my “road to Damascus moment,” which led me to attend an Episcopal church in San Diego. I’ve spent the last three years immersing myself as deeply as possible in my new religion and it has been a wild transformation. My life has led me to have a faith particularly concerned with the vulnerable and outcast; in fourth grade I began assisting in special education classrooms, my middle school was one of the poorest and most troubled in the district and I had a lot of friends I regularly shared my lunch with, I attended a continuation high school where most of my friends had parole officers and/or lived in a group home, and I’ve spent the last few years of my adulthood as a near absolute pedestrian, leading me to frequently encounter, and ultimately befriend, many of the homeless population where I lived. It really is these two things which make up the majority of who I am; a love of religion and a concern for and desire to help others.