Welcome ESC intern Miranda Marks

As the youngest of a family of semi-nomadic Canadians, Miranda Marks is not really confused as to how she ended up in California, only that it took her so long to move so far west. Born on a cold winter’s night—December 18, 1992, to be specific—in the quiet southern Ontario town of Woodstock, her life has never kept still. It’s been a series of road trips, flights, and moves from town after town filled with loving people. At the ripe old age of 8 months her family made the hour drive to relocate in Brantford, hometown of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. Life was good and great for 8 years, at which point the Marks family, eager for adventure, packed up and left for Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It seemed like this was where they would finally be rooted; alas, the call of the road was too strong.

Ten years of blissful life as one of the Canadian families in town was upended for life in Rockville, MD. The move happened during Miranda’s first studying sociology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, AB, and was a rather unexpected shift. It soon became clear that the 2300 mile gap between Edmonton and Rockville was too much. It was time for Miranda to pack up and transfer to the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario—right back from whence she originally came. In the fall of 2015, BA in sociology and religious studies minor in hand, Miranda headed off for new adventures back in South Dakota. She moved to Wopila House, an intentional community supported by the Episcopal Diocese and the ELCA Synod of South Dakota, on the Rosebud Indian Reservation. There she spent a year living with and among good people, listening to the stories the elders and the people of the reservation had to tell, having all sorts of adventures and moments of learning, and listening for God in the midst of the quiet and chaos. When she’s not moving across the continent chasing opportunities, Miranda travels around mostly for fun. She’s spent 5 summers working at the Episcopal Church camp in South Dakota, and has participated in four Taizé pilgrimages; in all of her wanderings to work or pray or be with family, it’s the moments of stillness that she loves most. Sometimes she stays still long enough to make music, and has even been known to enjoy the attractions where she’s at. Now, after so much travelling, she has ended up in San Francisco, of all places.  Miranda is excited for the new opportunities to serve and listen in this newest adventure, and is eager to share her talents—not to mention her Canadian secrets—with those whose paths cross hers.