Welcome ESC intern Susi Franco

Hi! I'm Susi Franco! Originally from Medellin, Colombia but having missionary parents called to work with immigrant communities in the United States, I've bounced around a bit from Alabama to Arkansas to Boston. Live concerts, still mornings, and long conversations over coffee are a few of my favorite things.
I recently graduated Gordon College with a B.A. in Communication Arts. I chose this major because I enjoy using photography and cinematography to highlight stories of people pursuing restorative work. Over the past two years, I've had the opportunity to come alongside the Grunewald Guild, Mission to Ukraine, Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange, and even a start-up non-profit called Promising Futures to highlight their inspiring work. I especially come alive to the stories of those  bridging differences in creative ways  to produce, maintain, transform and restore culture. I like to call these people walking bridges! 
I am passionate about how the combination of art, community, and faith creates a space for healing and reconciliation. I love questions, and often find an abundance of them piling up in my head. I am beyond stoked to start my journey at DioCal and walk with friends who are asking similar questions this year. Here we go!