Advocacy for Climate Solutions

Sustaining Earth, Our Island Home

An opportunity for learning and advocacy for Climate Solutions

The Diocese of California is partnering with Bay Area-based Climate Solutions Net in a drive to help all Episcopalians make choices to protect our earth and our climate. Visit the Episcopal landing page for this platform at

The web-based platform developed by Climate Solutions Net will allow Episcopalians, starting in the Diocese of California, to: 

  • Measure your carbon footprint
  • Take individual Action
  • Aggregate impacts Church-wide
  • Advocate for climate protection

We’re excited to offer this opportunity since this app allows Episcopalians to make a difference, as individuals and in community. All data is protected, and the ability for participation across the Episcopal Church (mainland USA) is planned by January 2019. 

To see further information about how the program will work, click here.

After you’ve learned about the program, I encourage you to take a short survey, giving us your feedback on some important questions:

  • are you interested in learning more about this web-based tool for yourself, church, diocese?
  • what support do you need to introduce the program?
  • what name would you give this app that signals our faith commitment to ecojustice, sustainability and our commitments for earth stewardship?
Click here to take the survey.

It is my conviction that the Episcopal Church is ideal for meeting the “long emergency” of climate change. Ours is a faith tradition empowered by global relationships and welcoming complexity in meeting the challenges of our time, especially in solidarity with those most vulnerable among us. And we are the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement!

As Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry reminded us at the Church’s 79th General Convention, at a gathering where the tool was unveiled, “All of God’s creation is interconnected. The love that thrust the stars into the heavens themselves is the same love that gave birth and created the earth itself and all of the earth’s children, wherever they may be.” 

With prayers for our common work to care for creation, 

Bishop Marc Andrus