St. Cuthbert’s, Oakland

Welcome to St. Cuthbert’s Episcopal Church!

Loving, Joyful, Inclusive and Creative

We are followers of Jesus Christ, whose example inspires us to build creative lives based on love and inclusion. And we are a community of faith in a diverse and urban setting in the hills of East Oakland. Come find a church where Christ’s Love is imbedded deep in the hearts of ordinary people. We hope you will come join us some Sunday at 10 a.m. for contemporary music and communion.





8 a.m.: Contemplative Mass: with silent meditation & Holy Communion. Open to meditators of all faiths.

10 a.m.: Contemporary Music and Communion

7932 Mountain Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94605
Phone: 510-635-4949
Fax: 510-635-4950


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Date Established: 
Thursday, January 28, 1954
Cycle of Prayer Feast Day: 
Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne, 687


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