Discipleship for Young Adults

. . . choosing with God in the decisions of a forming life,
including college, vocation, and establishing a home

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

Acts 2:42


After graduating from high school, young people enter a time of change and transition. College, vocational school, work, partners, family?  Who am I, and who does God call me to become? Young adult ministries in the Diocese of California strive to create landing places and welcoming spaces for young people as they make their way into adulthood. Congregations, campus ministries, shared meals, programs, retreats, and events provide a way for young adults to continue to connect with God and their faith during these years.

The name of our young adult Facebook group, “common,” reflects our intention to seek a common life together, wherever we may live and wherever we are in our journey of faith. Join us to keep in touch, learn about events, and stay connected. Also get connected with 20’s/30’s through the DioCal Intern program.

Opportunities to connect with other 20s/30s

Common Life Young Adult Retreat – Fully Alive

Common Life – the annual gathering for Diocesan Young Adults takes place this year at the Bishop’s Ranch, April 21-23. This year’s them is ‘Fully Alive.’ Over the weekend there will be talks focused on how do you construct a ‘grammar of vocation.’ What does a grammar of vocation mean? Any language requires learning the basic tools of communication to express meaning. The speaker, Dr. David Cunningham, will guide attendees in constructing a language that expresses the meaning of their lives. Additionally there will be a guest offering constructive tools for everyday engagement with purpose and being fully alive. But it won’t be all work! There will also be time for rest, reflection, fun, community, prayer, and, of course, exploring the Sonoma Countryside in the full glories of spring.

When: Friday, April 21 (evening, after dinner) through Sunday, April 23 (lunch)
Where: The Bishop’s Ranch, Healdsburg
Cost: $100, Scholarships available upon request
Contact: Tom Poynor, calcanterbury@gmail.com




Click here or on the calendar image to download a hyperlinked PDF of the Discipleship calendar for 2016 — 2017!