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Grow Up in Every Way (GUiEW) is published monthly for everyone who ministers with young people in the Diocese of California.

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In This Issue: Big News coming from the DioCal Formation office | Let's Talk about Sex | Nightwatch at Grace Cathedral | Confirmation Retreat at St. Dorothy's Rest | Confirmation for 2017

In This Issue: Happening #34 has been cancelled | Equipping the Beloved Community | CDSP Youth Ministry Symposium

In This Issue: Come work with Us! | EYE: Episcopal Youth Event | Forma Conference 2017

In This Issue: Confirming Things | CDSP Bootcamp: e-Formation | Forma Conference 2017

In This Issue: Fall-ing into Place | Pneuma Christian Education Conference

In This Issue: The Constancy of Change | Official Youth Presence at Diocesan Convention | Called to Right Relationship

In This Special Calendar Issue…
Mark Your Calendar!
Events: Godly Play Core Training; Workshops for Children's & Youth Ministry; PNEUMA Conference
Endpiece: "For everything there is a season"

In This Issue…
Diocesan Discipleship Decamps!
Event: 2016 PNEUMA Conference
Resource: Key Hall Online
YM Profile: Sara Gunter, St. Dorothy's Director of Programming
Endpiece: "We come into Thy house, our home" by George MacLeod

In This Issue…
In with the New
Event: Mandated Reporter Training May 14th
Resource: Parent Further
YM Profile: Caren Miles, Incoming Associate for Discipleship Ministries, DioCal
Endpiece: "The Trouble with Easter"

In This Issue…
What's Growing, Gardener?
Event: Nightwatch April 29-30
Resource: Curating Faith Formation
YM Profile: Sean Potts, St. Paul's Walnut Creek
Endpiece: "a stone at dawn/cold water in the basin"

In This Issue…
The Grace of Screwing Up
Event: YOUR Vacation Bible School
Resource: Strengthening Faith at Home
YM Profile: Are YOU the Next Diocesan YM?
"This is the amazing grace of God" — Brian Zahnd

In This Issue…
Finding Our Way
in the Spiritual Dark
2016 CDSP Youth Ministry Symposium: ***April 9***
YM Profile: Anne Clarke (Province VIII Youth Network Coordinator)
"To Know the Dark" — Wendell Berry

In This Issue…
What Child Is This?
Camp Sunday Feb. 7th
Resources: Leaning Into Lent
YM Profile: Aaron McCray–Goldsmith, Holy Innocents SF
Arise, Shine, for the Light of the World has come!

In This Issue…
Into the Generous Dark
MLK Weekend of Service
Bookshelf: Sustainable Youth Ministry
YM Profile: Ethan Lowery, 
    St. Stephen's Orinda
the green of jesus (Clifton)

In This Issue...
In a Word: Thankful Enough
Featured Event: Happening 33: Light of the World
Bookshelf: To Dance with God
Youth Minister Profile: Jess Powell, All Souls Berkeley
Endpiece: I Sing (Reznikoff)

In This Issue: In a Word: Surrounded by Saints | Featured Event: Beloved Community Confirmation and Renewal of Baptismal Vows | Bookshelf: The Church as Learning Community | Youth Minister Profile: Brian Gossling | Endpiece: Praised be You (Brother Sun)

In this issue... Fortitude on the Journey | PNEUMA Oct. 12–15 at The Ranch
Bookshelf: Welcoming Children | Youth Ministers' Colleague Connection | Endpiece: It is there —St. Theresa & St. Thérèse

In This Issue: In a Word: On a Mission | Featured Event: Jenifer Gamber at Equipping the Beloved Community in Berkeley | Bookshelf: The Church as Learning Community | Ask a Youth Minister: Social Media Best Practices | Endpiece: Rejoice in the power of the Holy Spirit

New Possibilities | All About Confirmation | Bookshelf: Almost Christian | Ask a YM: Andrea Foote, what are you doing at DioHouse?

Culmination, commencement and divine paradox | 2015 PNEUMA Conference | Bookshelf: The Godbearing Life | Ask a YM: Local mission trip?

Loving one another | “Journey” Middle school Nightwatch | Bookshelf: Fashion Me a People | Ask a YM: FORMA

If you believe it, do it! | “I Want to Believe” young adult retreat | Bookshelf: Stages of Faith | Ask a YM: Samantha Haycock

Home by Another Way | Pastoral Care & Inclusion for Youth | Bookshelf: Episcopal Christian Educator's Handbook | Ask a YM: Lori Robinson

Epiph…inished! | Happening 32 | Bookshelf: The Prayer Book Guide to Christian Ed | Ask a YM: Kellor Smith