Bishop’s Staff Service Day 2015

On Monday, June 15, members of the bishop’s staff met at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Shoreline Park in Oakland instead of on Nob Hill at Diocesan House. Once assembled, two volunteers from the Golden Gate Audubon Society gave them an introduction to the site and pointed out some of the local fauna with a scope and binoculars.

The objective for the morning, however, wasn’t bird watching — it was helping to clean the shoreline from trash that washes into the bay via two creeks. Some people worked as groups while others worked more individually, each with trash bags, gloves, and trash grabbers. Among some of the more interesting items found having washed in were a Barbie with a very severe haircut and most of her legs missing, as well as three different shoes— none of which matched.

After some time picking up garbage, staff members were invited to look for invasive plant species and pull them up or tear them down. The option to continue picking up was still available, as well. After the time weeding and cleaning, the staff had lunch together along with the Audubon volunteers. The volunteers said that although it seemed like a small dent — particularly given how much trash gets stuck in the reeds — the work done would be felt for weeks and months.