Bishop and archdeacon treated to bento lunches and mochi dessert

On Sunday, December 18, Bishop Marc Andrus and Archdeacon David Stickley made their official visitation to Christ Church Sei Ko Kai, San Francisco. 

They, along with Dr. Sheila Andrus, were given a tour of the facilities by the priest-in-charge, the Rev. Debra Low-Skinner. The church takes up the first floor of a stately, historic, three-story Victorian building in Pacific Heights. The second floor is leased to a counseling center, while the lower floor is leased to a preschool.

At the 10 a.m. Holy Eucharist, Bishop Marc preached an inspiring sermon about being “brown” (i.e., different and an outsider) and being included as part of the community of Christ through baptism and rebirth by the Holy Spirit. Then Bishop Marc presided over the Holy Communion and was assisted by Stickley and Low-Skinner.

Afterwards the entire church full of members, Bishop and Dr. Andrus, and Archdeacon Stickley were treated to a yummy bento box lunch, homemade miso soup, and a dessert of mochi ice cream. A truly wonderful and welcoming time was had by all. “Domo arigato” to all who helped make the visitation such an enjoyable event.

The first photo shows Bishop Marc and his wife Sheila talking with Bishop’s Committee Secretary Mary Vargas and to Senior Warden Gordon Park-Li and his wife Carol, who helped organize the luncheon. The other photo shows Archdeacon David Stickley talking with organist Angela Dwyer and her parents (visiting from Scotland for the holidays) and Angela’s husband Chris.