DioCal raises over $10,000 at Diocesan Convention for Ebola relief

Near the end of the 165th Convention of the Dicoese of California, held on October 18, 2014, the Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus announced that an anonymous matching donation of $5,000 had been offered for Ebola relief. Those who were interested in contributing were directed to make their checks payable to Doctors Without Borders

By the close of Diocesan Convention, the clergy and delegates — between cash, checks, and two “I owe yous" had made the match. As of Monday, October 29, all of the promises had been collected, bringing the total raised to $10,120. The cash donations will be converted into a single check from the Diocese of California and the entire sum will be sent to Doctors Without Borders detailing the fundraising efforts, the quick turnaround, and the generosity of the anonymous donor.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation for Ebola relief can via the Doctors Without Borders website.