Easter at Sacred Space

Sunday at Sacred Space, Oakland, is always a challenge and a joy. Easter Sunday was certainly no exception as congregants shared it with the residents of the community who had absolutely no where else to go, friends from the Nation of Islam, a church group that had brought hot lunches for everyone, and even three members of a “death metal” band who stopped by to ask if Br. Brendan played guitar and wanted to join them. 

The moment in the photo came right after Gwendolyn had asked why volunteers spend time with them when they are just a bunch of “alcoholics and drug users.” Melissa Ridlon stumbled through trying to answer that everyone is struggling with something, and being accepted in this community was truly an experience of resurrection for hey. Gwendolyn said, “Now I understand,” and knelt down.

After kneeling she spontaneously prayed something along the lines of, “Thank you God for life. Thank you God for everything. I know you became human. I know you suffered and people hit you and hurt you. Thank you for Jesus Christ and for saving us. Thank you for the cross and everything.”