Interfaith vigil against police violence calls for justice

An interfaith vigil Monday, September 28, at the Hall of Justice in San Francsico drew people from across faith traditions to call for a transparent investigation into the shooting of 21-year-old Amilcar Lopez by plainclothes police officers. Lopez, an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala, had no criminal background, was working several jobs, and was sending money hope to support his family. “He was the kind of person every immigrant wanted to be,” the Rev. Davison Bidwell-Waite said. Although the police claimed that Amilcar lunged at them, the autopsy report shows that he was shot six times from behind by the officers. The officers have not yet been charged. 


The hour-long vigil combined dance, song, prayer, and calls for justice. Beginning with a traditional Mayan dance in Amilcar’s memory, prayers from religious leaders across the Bay area called for healing and justice and reminding us that this is a moral issue for all Christians. Especially powerful were words from pastor Mike McBride of The Way Christian Center in Berkeley, who said if “we are all created imago dei…. why then are so many black and Latino lives taken?” Those wishing to learn more or get involved can visit