It’s Happening again

Last Sunday, May 6, thirty youth and adult leaders gathered at Robert Crown Memorial Beach in Alameda for a few hours of food, fun, and conversation — plus prayers on the beach, which is definitely an outstanding place for praying, singing, and remembering our baptism. It was the Happening Reunion, a time for Happeners past and present to come together and strengthen our community as people dedicated to living our lives with God and one another. After barbecuing, kite-flying, frisbee-throwing, and water-braving, we ended our afternoon together with prayers, singing, the blessing of the water, and the sprinkling of the people. Best of all, we heard the news that Happening 30 will be held at Church of the Resurrection, Pleasant Hill, on the weekend of February 22–24, 2013. Samantha Haycock will be the guardian angel, Natalie Occhipinti will be rector, and Patrick Melendez, assistant rector. Be on the lookout for invitations to staff — and mark it on your youth ministry calendars for next year. We'll see you there!

Photo: The Rev. Molly Haws helps Happeners to “remember their baptism” at the Happening Reunion in Alameda on Sunday, May 6.