The Lord’s Prayer in DioCal

In the fall 2011 issue of Pacific Church News, Bishop Marc Andrus devoted his column to the many translations and treatments of the Lord’s Prayer since its translation into English in the King James version of the Bible. At the end of his column, he said:

“How blessed Sheila and I are to be given the opportunity to worship in all our varied congregations! In them I experience both a commonality that has to do with participation and formation within the Episcopal Church, and I also witness beautiful diversity in practice. This diversity of practice extends to the enactment of the Lord’s Prayer; it is chanted in some places, sung in others; some congregations hold hands while praying the prayer; it is said or sung in Spanish, English, Cantonese, and other languages.”

To that end, we have begun this online multimedia project: The Lord’s Prayer in the Diocese of California. If you would like to share a video, of your congregation’s enactment of The Lord’s Prayer, you can video tape it yourself (it would be a great project for youth in your congregation), or invite me to come to your congregation and record it for you (email me here).

Here is our beginning.

The Lord's Prayer, St. Augustine's, Oakland from Sean McConnell on Vimeo.

Video: The Lord's Prayer, St. Augustine's, Oakland

The Lord's Prayer, Church of Our Saviour, Oakland from Sean McConnell on Vimeo.

Video: The Lord's Prayer, Our Saviour, Oakland