New books for St. Cornelius School

On Mardi Gras, Tuesday, February 9, schoolchildren at St. Cornelius’ School in Richmond celebrated not only with pancakes but also with hundreds of new books! As part of her installation as Canon for Discipleship, the Rev. Canon Julia McCray-Goldsmith called on Episcopalians across the diocese and the country to buy new classroom sets of much needed books for St. Cornelius, a Catholic school that serves disadvantaged communities in inner city Richmond. 

Over 90% of the students at St. Cornelius are Latino/a and all receive some form of scholarship or financial aid. St. Stephen’s in Orinda — where Cn. McCray-Goldsmith serves most Sundays —  has for many years provided scholarships and school supplies to students as St. Cornelius. When Cn. McCray-Goldsmith learned that they were in need of new books, she jumped at the chance to turn her installation into an opportunity to serve. 

“This is where my heart is connected,” she said, brimming with enthusiasm as the books were handed out to the students.

Shari Moradi, the principal of St. Cornelius, said how powerful it was to the children to receive entire sets of new books. “These children don’t have a whole lot of new things in their lives,” she said.

“Books for them are places of respite to run to. In the pages of books, they can be anything they want. They don’t need to be a product of their zip code.” Through these new books, the nearly 200 students at St. Cornelius’ School will have opportunities to learn, grow, and explore worlds far beyond the classroom walls.