New campus ministry board at Stanford

“I value a robust Episcopal chaplaincy at Stanford because I care about the students having that resource at this important moment in their lives and also because, as a staff member, I value very much having some faith-based touches in my work community so that I can live the integration of my faith and work better.” 

Jennifer Kitt, assistant vice president, Stanford Medicine-Development — and active member of Epiphany, San Carlos —  will now have this and more. Episcopal campus ministry at Stanford University is flourishing under the leadership of chaplain Andy Shamel. 

The revitalized campus ministry has been almost two years in the making, beginning with a commitment on the part of the board to recruit and support a chaplain who would be connected to and committed to Episcopal congregations, as well as Stanford students, faculty, and staff. After hiring Andy, Bishop Marc and the campus ministry board convened a group of laity and clergy leaders — many of them alumni, staff, and others with close ties to the university — to envision a revitalized ministry capable of addressing the challenges of campus ministry in the 21st century. The fruit of that creative labor culminated the calling of a new campus ministry board. Matt McDermott, rector of St. Mark’s, Palo Alto, and chair of the board, convened the new group for a lively first meeting last Saturday, February 28.

In the meantime, Andy has been a regular presence on campus, building Episcopal community through weekly Eucharist in the Episcopal tradition and shared worship and fellowship with students and chaplains from the Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, and other Christian traditions. In addition, he meets with students one on one and hosts weekly a Bible study for students as well as for faculty and staff.  

Jennifer Kitt now has the opportunity to integrate her Episcopal faith and work at Stanford University, and so do many others. 

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