Pneuma conference: Holy currencies — Six blessings for sustainable missional ministries

From October 11 to 14, 2015, over 60 Christian educators from a wide range of Christian traditions gathered at The Bishop’s Ranch in Healdsburg, California, for the Pneuma Conference.  Attendees hailing from as far away as Guam gathered to learn from one another as they explored how to make ministries both sustainable and missional. The conference keynote speaker, the Rev. Dr. Eric Law of the Kaliedescope Institute in Los Angeles, spoke about his idea of “Holy Currencies.” He argued that these five currencies (time and place, gracious leadership, relationship, truth, and wellness) are as essential as money in building sustainable ministries and connecting with the diverse communities that surround many churches. 

Building on the idea of sustainable and missional communities, conference attendees dived deeper into topics relevant to their ministries through a series of workshops. These workshops included working with trans and gender queer youth, facilitating conflict resolution, and incorporating arts in worship. Art was also a major component of worship during the conference. Conference participants were told to meditate on the question “what is your treasure?” and share their treasures by bringing them into the worship space. By the end of the conference, the worship area was completely transformed. Participants hoped to take this transformation back out into their churches and communities.