The Rev. Diana Wheeler receives Susie Wong Award for work with the LGBTQ community

The Rev. Diana Wheeler was recently awarded the inaugural Empress Suzie Wong Diversity Award by the San Francisco Imperial and Ducal Courts for her work with the LGBTQ community. The Imperial and Ducal Courts of San Francisco are not-for profit organizations who raise money for charitable causes through drag performances.

Named in memory of Susie Wong, the 35th Absolute Empress of San Francisco, the Susie Wong Award “goes to someone in the community, who is not a past empress or one of her permanent title holders, that has worked to be inclusive and supportive of all members of the community and strives to support numerous groups and organizations,” said Misty Blue, the current reigning Empress. In addition, the Brotherhood of Emperors named Wheeler as their godmother. 

Wheeler is one of the founders of the Ecumenical Companions of Saint Dorothy the Worker. The companions are a group of lay and ordained Christians who serve the LGBTQ community by living with and in the queer community. They believe that the best way to do ministry is to — like Jesus — live in relationship with the communities that they serve.

When asked about receiving this honor, Wheeler said, “I think this recognition encourages me to keep on this path of a relational ministry where the community that you serve becomes your family. This is part of the Principles of the Community of Saint Dorothy the Worker.” 

She also hopes that this recognition will bring more awareness and support of the companions’ ministry. “Every time the ministry is recognized and appreciated it really keeps you moving forward,” she said.

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