Special Evensong celebrates The Bishop’s Ranch

On the evening of Thursday, March 3, friends and supporters from across the Diocese of California gathered at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco to celebrate the work of The Bishop’s Ranch in Healdsburg. Often referred to as an outpost of the Diocese of California in the middle of the Diocese of Northern California, The Bishop’s Ranch has served countless of people as a beautiful venue for retreats, summer camps, and conferences.

Tying the work of the Ranch to a reading from Genesis on Noah, Bishop Marc said “It’s not infrequent that I get to see a rainbow on the way to the Ranch...it’s a sign of the covenant between God and creation. There’s this idea of a place that cares for all of life, all of God’s creation, and I can’t think of a place that does it better [than the Bishop’s Ranch].” 

Through their hard work from running children’s summer camps, leading nature tours and walks, and a commitment to sustainably produced food, The Bishop’s Ranch serves as an inspiration of the way that human communities should live in harmony with creation. 

Help support all the work that the staff at the Bishop’s Ranch does by contributing to the 2016 Annual Fund here.