St. Dorothy’s Rest awarded $50,000 San Francisco Foundation Mohrhardt Grant

St. Dorothy’s Rest was recently awarded a $50,000 grant to accelerate the restoration and land management program on the property of St. Dorothy’s Rest in Sonoma County by conducting a biological resources assessment, hiring support staff, purchasing equipment, and hosting a tree-planting event in 2016. The Evelyn Tilden Mohrhardt Fund was established for the protection and preservation of redwood trees and endangered animal species. 

In 2012, St. Dorothy’s Rest acquired 550 acres of redwood forest in and around the campus. St. Dorothy’s Rest received its first grant from The San Francisco Foundation, and thanks TSFF for its investment in supporting the restoration of this historic land acquisition. 

To learn more about this grant and St. Dorothy’s Rest, please contact Executive Director, Katie Evenbeck,, 707.874.3319.