Statement and prayer from Bishop Marc about Typhoon Haiyan

We all suffer with suffering life everywhere. Here in the Diocese of California we feel the suffering of the people of the Philippines keenly, as so many Filipinos have chosen to make the San Francisco Bay Area their home. Daly City, in the Diocese of California has the highest concentration of Filipinos of any municipality in the United States, 35%. Daly City is also home to one of our vibrant congregations, Holy Child/Saint Martin, largely Filipino.

When Christ appears as the Holy Child it is the greatest Christian sign of hope. On this Feast of St. Martin we pray through our Savior Christ as the Holy Child for the people of the Philippines:

Comfort those who have been injured and those who have lost their loved ones, dear God, and be with relief workers who are responding in the immediate wake of this monstrous storm. By the promptings of your Holy Spirit we pray that we of the world community will continue to stand with the people of the Philippines as they heal and rebuild.

+Marc Andrus