Statement from the Bishop of California about mass shooting in San Bernardino

December 3, 2015

Contact: the Rev. Joseph Peters-Mathews
Tel: 415.869.7820

Calls for transformation of selves, country, through action 

The following is a statement from the Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus about the shooting that took place in San Bernardino, California, on December 2, 2015:
Advent is the season of hope and expectation. With many religious leaders, I offer my thoughts and prayers for the people of San Bernardino, but I call on Christians to take up John the Baptist’s prophecy that one was coming, the one we follow, who doesn’t simply call us to repentance, important as that is, but to transformation. 
It is time to boldly stand up and say, as we know most Americans believe, that good gun control must happen now. And it is time to face up to the prison pipeline and the tragic lack of mental health care, two lapses from what it would mean to be a truly civil society, and act with compassion and courage. 
Here are some resources for us to use in becoming transformed and transforming people around gun violence and related issues:

The Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus
Eighth Bishop
The Episcopal Diocese of California


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