Two UTO grants for DioCal

Two UTO grants were awarded to the Diocese of California last week for work at Holy Child and St. Martin’s, Daly City, and in a companion diocese grant to the Diocese of Lake Malawi, Malawi. These two grants are the fruit of great collaborative work, a hallmark of the Diocese of California.

Holy Child and St. Martin’s inspiring wellness center is the product of thoughtful work in Daly City, led by the Rev. Leonard Oakes, vicar. A licensed nurse himself, Leonard has worked to understand the needs of Holy Child and St. Martin’s neighborhood. The wellness center addresses the pressing need in the United States for preventative health practices and shows a congregation’s embeddedness in its local community, by finding needs to meet.

The Rev. Chris Rankin-Williams and the laity of St. John’s, Ross, have lived into a vibrant relationship with the Diocese of Lake Malawi, Malawi. Many congregations in the Diocese of California have supported the work of the Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance — GAIA— that works primarily in Malawi. Thus, the St. John’s partnership is carried out within a bright network of long-standing relationships. The UTO grant for work in Malawi will help rebuild a nursing school, an essential part of the health care system in the country. 

Both of these grants were perfected, recommended, and forwarded by a team effort of Diocesan Altar Guild representatives, Episcopal Charities Executive Director Kathleen Piraino, and by Bishop Marc.

All of the intense, cooperative diocesan work that went into the two grant proposals must be seen in light of the working of the larger Episcopal Church. Here the focus is on the United Thank Offering, a church-wide organization that receives grant proposals and each year makes substantial grants, this year totaling over $1.5 million.

These two UTO grants are successes in their own rights. These grants illustrate that when Christians work as part of their communiy for the good, they and those with whom they interact experience life as the Beloved Community of Christ. A list of all the grant recipients throughout The Episcopal Church is available here.