United Thank Offering grant awarded in the Diocese of California

This year Holy Trinity/La Santisima Trinidad, Richmond, joins an impressive list of DioCal churches that have received UTO grants to support their community outreach. Holy Trinidad will receive a grant of more than $54,000 to bring its classroom building up to current safety codes.

The UTO’s 2015 granting focus was on work that transforms the unjust structures of society.  Holy Trinity’s Work Station helps children from low-income immigrant families achieve the same success in school as their more affluent peers by providing afterschool homework and reading support. 

Holy Trinidad has found that the Work Station benefits the church volunteers as well as the children and families served. 

“We find that our own lives are enriched and made more meaningful through the loving relationships we develop with the children and through seeing them grow stronger and more confident every day,” says a Work Station volunteer.

Every year, Bishop Andrus nominates one project to the UTO board for funding. The focus for 2016 UTO grants is the 5th Mark of Mission: “To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth.”  Do you think your church has a program that might qualify for UTO funding? Contact Joanna Henrichs, diocesan UTO coordinator at DioUTOChair@gmail.com or Kathleen Piraino at kpiraino@episcopalcharities.org to learn more.