Bishop Marc Andrus launches new book, ‘Stations of the Cosmic Christ,’ with Matthew Fox

On the eve of Holy Week,  Saturday, March 19, Bishop Marc Andrus and Matthew Fox celebrated the publication of their new book Stations of the Cosmic Christ. In an event facilitated by the renowned Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy, the authors discussed how the idea of the Cosmic Christ can unite people across faith and spiritual traditions in a shared drive to preserve the natural world. 

In their discussion, interspersed with music of Hildegard von Bingen performed by Karen Clark, Bishop Andrus and Fox argue that the idea of the Cosmic Christ is a vital one in a world that is plagued by environmental degradation. They argue that the practice of meditating on the Cosmic Christ “has the potential to move us beyond anthropocentrism by re-awakening the relationship between human psyche and the cosmos.” 

Bishop Andrus encourages people to find their own meaning in the icons. “The energy that they give is inexhaustible. You will find new things we didn’t write about that keep emerging…we hope and pray that these avatars of the Cosmic Christ might feed you and renew you in this time of environmental peril.”

The 16 stations meditated upon in this book are currently on display in Grace Cathedral. These Stations of the Cosmic Christ icons were created by M. C. Richards and Ullrrich Javier Lemus. Nine of the clay tablets on display, shaped by Richards, have previously graced the walls of Saint John the Divine in New York and the University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland. 

Copies of Stations of the Cosmic Christ can be purchased at the Grace Cathedral bookshop or online from Tayen Lane Publishing or Amazon.