Called to Right Relationship: Safe Church Policies

Called to Right Relationship is the Diocese of California’s official policy on standards and behaviors to ensure that our congregations are safe places for all God's people.

All adults who work with youth, keyholders, employees, vestries, and volunteers should complete a background check and training.

To participate in the online training and background check, you must check in with your parish. They will register you and send you the links you need.

For questions about the policy, procedures, and training and background checking services, please contact Caren Miles, Associate for Faith Formation,, 415.869.7815.

Click accompanying thumbnails to download PDFs. 

In order to accommodate two-sided printing, there is a blank page after the title page in each PDF document.


Letter from the Bishop; Preface; Theological and Ethical Foundations; and Standards of Conduct for Clergy and Lay Leaders (20 pages)


Suggested Practices and Guidelines for Use of Social Networking and Other Forms of Digital Communication (9 pages)


Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth (15 pages)


Policy for the Protection of Elders and Dependent Adults (8 pages)


Compliance with Standards for Ministry with Minors and Dependent Adults (2 pages)


Policy Regarding Clergy Misconduct (10 pages)


Confidential Notice of Concern (1 page)


Congregational Safe Church Self-Audit (for annual review; 2 pages)


Field Trip Permission and Permiso para Viaje de Estudio(1 page)


Image Release Form / Formulario de publicación de imágenes (1/2 page)

Incident Report (2 pages)


Medical and Image Release and Publicación Médica y de Imágen (1 page)


Volunteer Application (3 pages)


Volunteer Driver Information (1 page)