Episcopal Resource Center

Episcopal Resource Center

St. Thomas Episcopal Church
231 Sunset Avenue, Sunnyvale

The Episcopal Resource Center — a multi-diocesan resource — is located at St. Thomas, Sunnyvale. The Center is open every week and available without charge; the online catalog is available anytime by clicking here.

Open houses are offered three to four times per year with each focusing on specific teaching and training resources such as: vacation Bible school (VBS) and confirmation; stewardship and intergenerational ministry; and Advent and Christmas. Watch DioCal’s weekly newsletter, DioBytes, for specific dates and information, and join colleagues for light lunch, conversation, and the chance to review curricula for congregational ministry.

For further information contact:

Caren Miles, Associate for Discipleship Ministries, Diocese of California, carenm@diocal.org, 415.869.7815

Carol Campbell, Diocese of El Camino Real, Resource Center Coordinator, resourcecenter@stthomas-svale.us, 408.736.4155