Fresher Start

Fresher Start is a part of the diocese’s ongoing ministry of orientation, formation, and support for one another as ordained people. For over 10 years, Fresh Start has been a part of the “transition” of both recently ordained clergy and clergy new to a cure. The fact that your Letter of Agreement specifically mentions Fresh Start is proof of how important the bishop believes this program to be.

In 2014, the Diocese of California redesigned our Fresher Start program to includes case studies, on-going small group work, and book study, as well as trying to respond to the specific needs (and gifts) of the group. At the same time, we continue with presentations by local experienced “teachers,” on topics specific to the diocese as well as those with general clergy and congregational development. Most importantly, Bishop Marc spends time at each monthly gathering in worship and formation as his travel schedule permits.  

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The Rev. Eric Metoyer, Associate for Congregational Ministries,