Supporting stewardship committees and
congregational funding —


Christian Stewardship is grateful and responsible use of God’s gifts in the light of God’s purpose as revealed in Jesus Christ. According to the Ecumenical Stewardship Center (of which The Episcopal Church is a founding member) Christian stewards, empowered by the Holy Spirit, commit themselves to intentionally —

  • living and telling the Good News;
  • sharing with God in seeking justice, peace, and the integrity of creation in an interdependent universe;
  • wisely employing God-given human resources, abilities, and relationships;
  • sharing the material resources we hold and giving them in service, justice, and compassion;
  • providing for future generations;
  • sharing in the life, worship, and responsible stewardship of the Church and of its mission.

The Episcopal Diocese of California supports these efforts with resources for equipping and training lay and ordained stewardship leaders in congregations. The diocese assists congregations in making the case for their missio — the foundation of all healthy parish-based stewardship efforts — in planning for year-round stewardship, and in assisting with leadership training, consulting and speaking/preaching during the annual pledge drive.

In addition, the diocese is a member of The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS) which offers an online archive of best practices from around the Episcopal Church, publications, webinars, annual conferences and a monthly email newsletter available for free to Diocese of California congregations.