The Rev. Este Gardner Cantor

Este had an early introduction to spirituality, influenced by her geologist father’s great love of nature, and her mother’s love of the Episcopal Church. She continued an interest in spirituality, exploring different cultures and religions, and became a maker of films with social justice and spiritual themes.

Este is the granddaughter, great-granddaughter, and great-great granddaughter of preachers. After 20 years of work as a filmmaker, she got the call to Holy Orders and attended seminary at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, studying for her first two years at the Franciscan Multicultural Institute. She continues to have a passion for multicultural ministry, is an enthusiastic student of the Spanish language, and is happy to continue Good Shepherd’s thriving ministry to the local day laborers. Este is an avid gardender, and greatly enjoys the collaborative nurturing of the Good Shepherd Free Farm, which feeds all in need in the neighborhood, and supplies twice-weekly free lunches. Este has worked for peace and justice all her life. She loves working with children and youth and welcomes children into the life of Good Shepherd.

Este lives in Berkeley with her husband Matt Cantor, a building consultant and architectural philosopher, and she is blessed with two grown daughters, Hannah and Andrea.