The Rev. Thomas Jackson

Vicar Tom
Vicar, St. Cyprian's Epsicopal Church; Episcopal Chaplain, Stanford Hospital & Medical Clinics; Chaplain; President, Oasis California

As the Vicar at St. Cyprian’s, I lead our worship, preach, and coordinate our lay leaders. I also offer pastoral care as well as spiritual guidance. 

Coordinating the Cyprian’s Center, our community service program of non-sectarian activities and neighborhood events, is a major part of my duties here. Through Cyprian’s Center, we serve as our neighborhood’s concert hall, host AA and Al-Anon family groups, display the works of local artists, host after-school programs for neighborhood youth, feed senior citizens, and offer community dinners prepared by the Community Garden Outreach Class of the University of San Francisco.  

Here at St. Cyprian’s, I view preaching the Gospel and leading worship as vitally important. In preaching, I work to show how God is calling us to live a Christian life in a community where only seven percent of the people go to church on Sunday. By being a voice for progressive Christianity and leading traditional Anglican worship, we strive to offer a new spiritual way to those turned off by televangelists who blame every earthquake and tornado on same-sex marriage. The God I know, the one who walks with me in this neighborhood and down long hospital corridors, does not punish people for believing in the equality of all of God’s children. You can find my sermons among these by our clergy posted on this website. On our parish news site, you can see how we live out in faith in daily life.

Pastoral care is another major element of my life and work at St. Cyprian’s. I visit those who are not able to worship here or are in the hospital. I also look to build a vital relationship with each of our members as they search for their own spiritual path in this time and place. I am more interested in helping people find their spiritual way than I am in telling people what to believe or what God wants them to do.

We reach out to and embrace our LGBT brothers and sisters who for far too long have been judged and wounded by others who claim to be Christian. That’s why I have worked with Oasis, our diocesan LGBT group, for the past decade – you can see some of my work dating from the Episcopal Church's 2009 General Convention at my blog A Lambeth Pilgrim. In line with this, I work with both same-sex couples and heterosexual as they prepare for to be married here at St. Cyprian’s. We often use the PREPARE/ENRICH program to meet the church’s requirement for premarital counseling. For more than 30 years, PREPARE/ENRICH has led the way in helping couples explore and strengthen their relationships.

At Stanford Hospital, I trained to become an interfaith chaplain and now serve as the part-time Episcopal Chaplain at Stanford University Hospital. 

I am also the proud father of two daughters: Emma who lives in Brooklyn and works as a project manager for a software company; and Abigail who lives in London, England with her husband. My husband and I live in the Bay Area. I always looking for a reason to have a cup of coffee and would love to meet you at the neighborhood coffee shop, the Matching Half Café, for caffeine and conversation. I became a priest after an earlier career as an award-winning journalist, community organizer, and public relations professional. 

A longtime resident of New Haven, Connecticut, I worked with Pete Seeger’s Sloop Clearwater before helping form the Haven Land Trust as the first land trust in a Connecticut city. I also helped form the New Haven Gay & Lesbian Community Center, the Whitney Water Center and program for science education at the Regional Water Authority and Haz Waste Central, Connecticut’s first permanent Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center.  I first visited the Bay Area while serving as a vice president of The Oceanic Society.  While there I edited Coast Alert: Scientists Speak Out, published by Friends of the Earth Books and Nuclear Waste Management: The Ocean Alternative, published by the Pergamon Press. I hope you will visit St. Cyprian’s to see if we can help walk with you on your spiritual pilgrimage through life.

Vicar Tom Jackson