The Rev. Vincent Pizzuto Ph.D.

Vicar, New Skellig; Professor of Theology, University of San Francisco
New Skellig Celtic Christian Community

Vincent was ordained to the priesthood in July 2006 and founded his community, New Skellig, later that year.  Informed by Celtic Christian spirituality, the community ministers especially to those who seek to live as contemplative Christians in the world. In December 2014, Vincent was received into The Episcopal Church, Diocese of California, along with the New Skellig Community. In addition to his ministry, Vincent received his Doctorate from the Catholic University of Lueven, Belgium in 2003, and in that same year took up his position as Professor of New Testament exegesis and Christian Mysticism at the Jesuit University of San Francisco. In addition to a number of academic articles, he has publised his first book A Cosmic Leap of Faith (Peeters Press), on the Christ Hymn of Colossians 1:15-20 and is slated to publish his second book, Contemplating Christ: Ruminations of the Five Gospels, with The Liturgical Press in 2016.