2017 Resolutions

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The deadline for submitting resolutions for the upcoming diocesan convention is Saturday, July 29, but the Resolutions Committee greatly appreciates earlier submissions.

Draft resolutions should be emailed to the Chair of the Resolutions Committee, Jay Luther, luther@lutherlaw.com, or faxed to 415.532.1807 by the deadline. The committee prefers email, but if you are unable to email, please mail proposed resolutions to: Resolutions Committee, Attn: Stephanie Martin Taylor, 1055 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA 94108. Please be sure to give the submitter’s name and phone number or email address.

Procedures for submitting a resolution

Proposed resolutions

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Nine resolutions have been submitted to the Committee on Resolutions.  All nine are listed below.  The Committee has reviewed all nine resolutions, and believes that they are in final form for consideration by the Convention.

The Rules of Order limit the Committee to recommending no more than five resolutions for consideration by the Convention. Resolutions 2 and 3 both deal with sanctuary, one at the diocesan level and one for the whole Episcopal Church. The Committee intends to ask the Committee on Dispatch of Business for permission to treat those two resolutions together as if they were one resolution. Similarly, resolutions 4 and 5 both deal with paid family leave policies: one for the diocese and one church wide. Again, the Committee intends to ask for permission to treat that pair of resolutions as if it were one.

Assuming that the Committee on Dispatch of Business agrees with this Committee’s requests, the Committee on Resolutions will submit Resolutions 1 through 7 to the Convention.

The Committee finds that there is merit to considering the remaining two resolutions at this Convention, especially since they both call for submission of resolutions to the next General Convention and could not be postponed until next year. The Committee suggests that the Convention give serious consideration to adding the remaining two resolutions to its agenda. Doing so would require a two-thirds vote of the Convention. The Committee chose to exclude Resolutions 8 and 9 from its “favored five” in part because it believed that two-thirds of the Convention would agree to consider them.

All proposed resolutions are open for comment.  Comments should be submitted in a spirit of civil discourse, avoiding abusive or offensive language. Comments are subject to review before being posted.