2018 Resolutions


The deadline for resolutions for the upcoming diocesan convention was Saturday, July 21.

Draft resolutions should be emailed to the Chair of the Resolutions Committee, Jay Luther, luther@lutherlaw.com, or faxed to 415.532.1807 by the deadline. The committee prefers email, but if you are unable to email, please mail proposed resolutions to: Resolutions Committee, Attn: Stephanie Martin Taylor, 1055 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA 94108. Please be sure to give the submitter’s name and phone number or email address.


Procedure for Submitting a Resolution

Proposed resolutions

Resolution 1: Paid Family Leave | Resolución 1: El Permiso Familiar Pagado
Resolution 2: Hearing our Call to be Disciples of Jesus | Resolución 2: Escuchando nuestro llamado para ser discípulos de Jesús
Resolution 3: Prevention and Reporting of Sexual Harassment | Resolución 3: La Prevención y Cómo Reportar el Acoso Sexual
Resolution 4: Better Food and Farming | Resolución 4: Mejor comida y agricultura
Resolution 5: Sustainable Eating Habits | Resolución 5: Hábitos de comida ecológicos