2020 Resolutions

The deadline for submitting resolutions for the 2020 Convention has now passed, and the Committee on Resolutions is commencing their review work.
Drafts of submitted resolutions are either in late stages of preparation and will be posted here shortly, or you may leave your comments and questions on any of the drafts already posted below. The committee will further refine all drafts and mark and calendar them for final submission for Convention’s consideration in the coming weeks.

Process-related questions about these and other submitted drafts ahead of Convention may be sent to Jay Luther, Chair of the Committee on Resolutions at luther@lutherlaw.com.

Draft Resolution: Mandates Anti-Racism & Racial Reconciliation Training for the House of Deputies
Draft Resolution: Climate Change - Carbon-Intensive Lending
Draft Resolution: Sabbatical Leave Policy for Clergy
Draft Resolution: Assessing the Church’s Response to COVID-19
Draft Resolution: Support for the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act
Draft Resolution: Celebrating Juneteenth 2021
Draft Resolution: Financial Reporting Transparency
Draft Resolution: Auditing Compliance and Accountability

Proposed Constitution and Canon Changes