2021 Resolutions / Resoluciones

~ The deadline for submitting resolutions for review
ahead of this year's Convention has now passed. ~
Below are the Resolutions submitted for the 172nd Convention of the Diocese of California on October 22-23, 2021

You may leave your comments to assist the authors and the work of the Committee on Resolutions
and Committee on Constitution and Canons as these submissions are perfected.

Resolutions listed here are numbered in order of chronological submission only. The Committee on Resolutions will determine which numbered resolutions - up to five in total - it will submit for Convention’s consideration. The Convention may, by a 2/3 vote, agree to schedule discussion on resolutions in addition to the Committee’s submissions. 

Questions, corrections, and updates to the posted drafts may be sent to the Secretary of the Convention, Br. Richard Edward Helmer.

Procedure for Submitting a Resolution

Resolution #1: Nominal Payments to Nonstipendiary Deacons
Resolution #2: Adding Mary Oliver to Lesser Feasts and Fasts
Resolution #3: Carbon Sequestration - Creates an Internal Carbon Offset Program
Resolution #4: Racial Justice & Reconciliation Memorial
Resolution #5: Addressing Voter Suppression
Resolution #6: Sabbatical Leave Policy for Clergy
Resolution #7: Standardized Templates for Key Common Personnel and Administrative Documents
Resolution #8: Affirming Non-Binary and Transgender Identities
Resolution #9: Spanish Language-Latine/Hispanic Centered Day of Discernment 
Resolution #10: Disability Sensitivity and Anti-Ableism Training
Resolution #11: Creation of a Young Professionals Program

Resolutions on Constitution and Canons

Resolution A: Amend Canon 16.06 - Commission on Church Architecture and Furnishings
Resolution B: Amend Canon 3.06 - Official Youth Presence

Resoluciones 2021

Resolución #1: 
Resolución #2: