Article XI - Remove Diocesan Council

Accepted by the Committee on Constitution and Canons
September 24th, 2020


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Constitution, Article XI

Resolved, That Article XI of the Constitution of the Diocese of California be amended as follows:

Article XI.  Forfeiture of Privileges. 

Whenever any parish in union with the Convention shall have persistently disregarded or refused to conform to any of the Canons of The Episcopal Church or of the Diocese, the Bishop shall give due notice of such violation to such parish. If, after receipt of the notice by the parish, the parish shall have failed in a timely manner to cure the violation described in the notice, and the Bishop is of the opinion that the parish may be liable to suspension of its privilege of representation in the Convention, or to the dissolution of its parochial relationship with the Diocese, the Bishop shall so advise the Convention. Thereupon, by a concurrent two-thirds vote of the clerical and lay orders, voting separately, the Convention may proceed to suspend the representation of such parish in the Convention or wholly dissolve the parochial relationship of the parish with the Diocese.

Whenever, in the judgment of the Bishop, the status of any mission should be changed or the mission dissolved, the Bishop, after consultation with the vicar and the Bishop’s committee, and with the concurrence of the Bishop and Council Executive Council of the Diocese (“Diocesan Council”), may take such action and report the same to the next Convention.



The Special Convention of 2008 amended the Constitution and Canons to replace the former Diocesan Council (formally known as Bishop and Council of the Diocese) with the new Executive Council of the Diocese.  Apparently, Article XI of the Constitution was overlooked at that time.  This proposed amendment simply corrects that oversight without making any substantive change in practice.

This amendment will need to be passed by two consecutive conventions to become effective.


David Frangquist -

Submitted by

David Frangquist, Secretary Emeritus of the Convention and Delegate from St. Aidan’s, San Francisco


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