Canon 6.09 - Removal of Skills Registry

Accepted by the Committee on Constitution and Canons
September 24th, 2020

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Canon 6.09

Resolved, That Canon VI, Section 6.09(d) of the Canons of the Diocese of California be amended as follows:

Sec. 6.09.Committee on Nominations.

      . . .

(d) Position and Skills Registry. The Committee shall establish and maintain a registry of the charge and mission of each office elected by Convention (except the offices of Bishop, Bishop Coadjutor, and Bishop Suffragan) and each position appointed by the Bishop or any other Officer of Convention. The Committee shall also create and maintain a roster of interested candidates, cross-referenced with their particular gifts and skills for use by the Committee and the Bishop. In its registry, the Committee shall also identify qualified Clerics and laity throughout the Diocese willing to serve on the governing board of each Diocesan Institution.



Canon 6.09(d) was proposed by as one of the recommendations of the governance review conducted after Bishop Marc’s election and was adopted at the Special Convention in 2008.  The Committee on Nominations has at least partially fulfilled the requirements of the first sentence by developing, maintaining and publishing job descriptions for the positions elected by Convention.  However, in the twelve years since the adoption of the canon, the committee has never created the roster described in the second and third sentences, and the Bishop, Convention and Executive Council have not taken any steps to enforce that provision of the canon.  At one time, a former chair of the Committee on Nominations suggested a mechanism for creating the skills registry by soliciting on-line submissions.  The idea was presented to the Executive Council for comment.  The Executive Council discouraged proceeding with it because of privacy and security concerns.  Since there appears to be no interest in implementing the skills registry, and the only attempt to do so met with resistance, it should be removed from the canons.


David A. Frangquist, Delegate from St. Aidan’s, San Francisco -

Submitted by

David A. Frangquist, Secretary Emeritus of the Convention and Delegate from St. Aidan’s, San Francisco


Along with the others on the Governance Review Committee, I was as responsible as any for attempting to give birth to the Committee on Nominations and its skills registry. At the time, both seemed to be jewels in the crown of the reorganized diocese. No longer would critical slots be filled by friends simply appointing or nominating friends to positions of diocesan responsibility. Rather, when looking to fill an open position, the skills registry would provide a list of qualified candidates from which to select, whose qualifications could be thoroughly debated by the appointing group to find the best candidate for a given job. Although the old system did in fact produce some fine and very qualified people being placed in governing positions, the resulting group was too narrow. With the Committee on Nominations and the skills registry, a new openness would prevail.

It didn't work. Technically, it was difficult to impossible to implement, and there was little if any interest in joining the list. And so, it is now proper to bury it.

Nonetheless, the diocese and each of its congregations and deaneries have the joint responsibility to find, recognize and honor new, talented personnel who will carry this Church through the next half century and beyond. Our model and our promise is and remains dynamic inclusivity, not narrow groups talking among themselves to somehow keep muddling through. Since the skills registry was a failure, it is now appropriate for every governing body in our diocese to ask itself, time and time again, "How can we replace it?" Therein lies our future.

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