Diocesan Archives

Canons 19.10

Resolved, that Canon XIX, Section 19.10 of the Canons of the Diocese of California be amended as follows (deletions in bold strikethrough text and insertions in bold italic text):

Sec. 19.10 Diocesan Archives.

There shall be an Archive of the Diocese of California, the purpose of which shall be to preserve by safekeeping, arrange and have available necessary legal documents and items, and useful historical papers and materials of the Diocese of California, its bishops, officials and agencies.

  1. The day-to-day activities and work of the Archive shall be conducted by an Archivist who shall be selected by the Bishop and confirmed by Executive Council. The Archivist shall serve at the pleasure of the Bishop.
  2. The work of the Archivist shall include, but not be limited to, the following: securing, organizing, safeguarding and controlling access to the material in the collection; preparing and proposing operating policies for approval by the Bishop and Executive Council; reporting on the condition and work of the Archives; and advising congregations and Diocesan Institutions and other organizations as to records retention and archive policies regarding their documents and materials.
  3. The general records retention policies of the Diocese shall be as follows:
    1. Records and materials of the Diocese and its departments, commissions, committees and other organizations designed to represent and/or interact with the whole Diocese shall be retained by the Diocesan Archives.
    2. Records and materials of defunct Diocesan organizations, including congregations, shall be retained by the Diocesan Archive, subject to applicable policies.
    3. Active separate organizations, such as congregations and institutions, are expected to retain their own papers and materials.
  4. When papers and materials are transferred to the Archives, the originator shall indicate any materials which are to be considered confidential and they shall be subject to applicable policies.
  5. Access to materials is left to the discretion of the Archivist, the Bishop and the Executive Officer of the Diocese Canon to the Ordinary or such other officer as the Bishop may appoint, and subject to applicable policies.

Proponent’s Explanation:
The Diocese of California no longer has an Executive Officer. The equivalent position is now the Canon to the Ordinary.  Apparently Canon 19.10 was overlooked when that change was made. In the event that titles change again, the Bishop should be able to appoint an appropriate officer for this function without having to amend the canons.

Submitted by:  David A. Frangquist, Secretary of the Convention, frangquist@acm.org.

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