Resolution 2: Hearing our Call to be Disciples of Jesus

Resolved, That the 169th Convention of the Diocese of California reaffirms the Presiding Bishop’s vision of the Jesus Movement and its three pillars: Evangelism, Racial Reconciliation, and Care of Creation;

Resolved, That we in the Diocese of California accept the call to be Disciples of Jesus and agents of the ongoing process of transformation in the world; and

Resolved, That the Faith Formation and Congregational Development Working Groups jointly develop a program to help us live that call using the narrative format for discernment developed at General Convention to help us live the pillars and discern our mission, with such curriculum to be for the use of the deaneries and diocesan community as a priority for 2019.

Explanation:  Sharing and hearing personal stories helps us articulate the faith we experience during Sunday worship, community service, and active witness to social justice.  We are often asked to think with our heads, but we Episcopalians need to be reminded of the relational world Jesus called us to build: a world based more upon love of neighbor than doctrinal precepts. What does it mean to be part of the Jesus Movement? What does God ask of us? How can we grow as Disciples of Jesus and Hear Our Calling – To be Agents of Transformation in the World!

Submitted by: Warren Wong, delegate, St. James’ Church, San Francisco, General Convention Deputy.

Endorsed by the following members of the General Convention Deputation: The Rev. Vanessa Stickler Glass, co-chair; The Rev. Merry Chan Ong; The Rev. Hailey McKeefry Delmas; The Rev. David Ota; The Rev. Dr. Ruth Meyers; The Rev. Chip Larrimore; The Rev. Br. Richard Edward Helmer; Sarah Lawton, co-chair; Christopher Hayes; Carolyn Gaines; AnnaMarie Hoos; Diane Fitzgibbon; Karma Quick-Panwala; Ron Hermanson.

Other Endorsers: The Rev. Dr. Paul Fromberg, St. Gregory of Nyssa, San Francisco; The Rev. Cameron Partridge, St. Aidan’s, San Francisco; Peggy Lo, Grace Cathedral.


1. Why is this resolution a priority for the Diocese of California?

At General Convention, the bishops and deputies met in joint program sessions centered around the three pillars of The Jesus Movement. During our small group conversations as a diocese, Bishop Marc, the GC deputation, and other participants felt it was important to carry the themes of Evangelism, Racial Reconciliation, and Care of Creation back to our diocese.

2. Why is it important that we become familiar with the three pillars?

From 2009-2018 our church-wide programs were built around the Five Marks of Mission. The current and future triennial priorities will evolve around The Jesus Movement.

3. How will this impact our ministries?

With Presiding Bishop Curry’s message of Love Thy Neighbor, the Episcopal Church can be the prophetic and transformative voice in today’s world. As we share our faith stories using the narrative format for discernment developed at General Convention, we have an opportunity to become Disciples of Jesus.

4. Why are we calling upon the Faith Formation and Congregation Development Work Groups to develop the programs?

The diocesan staff can draw on resources from Church Center and other dioceses (i.e., Way of Love). Both work groups may choose to customize the materials for our clergy, laity, congregations, and deaneries in the diocese.

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