Research on a Culture of Lifelong Faith Formation

Do you feel like your congregation does a good job of encouraging and supporting faith formation for all ages?  Perhaps you are still working on it but have one or two practices or programs that are working well?

Please consider participating in the Vibrant Faith Research Project 2019-2020 on "A Culture of Lifelong Faith Formation in Christian Churches".  Lifelong Faith Associates, an online library of religious research in conjunction with Vibrant Faith, is conducting research in congregations to identify the most effective practices in promoting lifelong Christian discipleship and faith growth.

The "Culture of Lifelong Faith Formation Project" seeks to: discover congregations that have created and are sustaining a vibrant “culture of lifelong faith formation” that promotes faith growth and discipleship in all ages and generations, and to identify the practices that create and sustain a “culture of lifelong faith formation.”

If you are interested in being a part of this research, please click here:


If you would like more information Lifelong Faith and their resources such as Faith practices, symposiums with downloadable materials, resource lists, and specially curated lists including lots of downloads – check out the rest of this amazing website: