Archived Blog of Oasis California

Welcome to the archived blog of Oasis California, the LGBT Ministry of the Diocese of California
The Rev. Thomas C. Jackson, president, Oasis California


August 25, 2014
I’m writing to ask you for a favor.In June, The Episcopal Church Task Force on the Study of Marriage released a “tool kit” with resources for... Read More
June 9, 2014
This is Pride Month! Even President Obama says so! We in the Episcopal Diocese of California have long been allies to the LGBTQ community and our... Read More
May 16, 2014
LGBTQ advocacy in San Francisco? We don’t need that, right? Wrong! LYRIC, an organization that has supported and empowered San Francisco queer youth... Read More
May 1, 2014
We in church understand the intensity of the preparation for Holy Week and the Feast of the Resurrection. It is the most intense time in our year. We ride... Read More
March 25, 2014
The Deacon Travels: September 2013In September, I was very fortunate to be the guest of Father Kevin Crinks, who had visited us in friary earlier in the... Read More
March 25, 2014
The Church of England is about to be in a very awkward position of showing who counts and who doesn't. On the one hand the whole worlds is watching as... Read More
November 26, 2013
Coming to the close of an eventful year in LGBTQ advocacy, Oasis California is reflecting on it’s past and looking toward re-visioning the future of this... Read More
April 19, 2013
 This year I made a commitment to not darken the door of a church for Holy Week. I almost managed it.Palm Sunday kicked off the week as I was joined... Read More
February 22, 2013
Editor's note: I am sharing this news here as an Eagle Scout from Church of the Redeemer in Baltimore, Maryland who believes the good offered by the Boy... Read More
February 5, 2013
In the UK, members of Parliament have voted by a majority of 225 in favour of the new Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill. The Bill will extend the... Read More
January 16, 2013
Help end violence against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities by joining in the Beyond Bashing: A Faith Response to End Anti-... Read More
January 16, 2013
Will your congregation help Breakthrough2Love this February? You can by joining with congregations around the Bay Area and speaking out on any aspect of... Read More
January 16, 2013
Yesterday Equality California Institute and Mental Health America of Northern California announced the findings of a two year study. A summary and primary... Read More
August 26, 2012
Should same gender or non-traditional couples who need help strengthening their relationship be excluded from programs like Marriage Enrichment?... Read More
August 26, 2012
I have a “day job” in the burbs. There are times when trying to find ways of helping people think outside the box can be a challenge. That’s when I know... Read More