How should spiritual people respond to the 'architect of Prop 8' coming to town?

UpdateGood meeting at Sacred Cocktails about "How should spiritual people respond to the “architect of Prop 8” coming to town?" Full report soon, follow up sessions in September.

San Francisco’s next Roman Catholic Archbishop is the architect of Prop 8’s victory four years ago. Many worry his arrival signals a time of less tolerance of LGBT people in the Bay Area’s Roman Catholic Churches. Some point to recent reports of change at Most Holy Redeemer, a Catholic church in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood. According to a recent report in The Bay Area Reporter, that church told the Castro Country Club it can't hold fundraisers on the premises if it continues inviting drag queens as entertainment. The newspaper interviewed Reverend Brian Costello:

"I am the new pastor," Costello added. "There is a new archbishop. The archdiocese told me straight out, 'No drag queens.'" This report was later denied by an archdiocese spokesperson.
This follows Otis Charles, Gay Former Bishop, being disinvited by SF Archdiocese to Participate in Advent Services.
And of course this follows the incoming archbishop calling same-sex marriage a plot by "the evil one." And as much as anyone, he led the drive for Prop. 8, the ballot initiative that banned same-sex marriage, according to a an expose in the East Bay Express
See a pattern emerging? Just maybe?
So how should spiritual people respond if things continue to go downhill for LGBT people and their allies in the Bay Area’s Roman Catholic Churches?
Should we say it is “not our problem” because we aren’t Roman Catholics?
Should we find ways to support for LGBT Roman Catholics and their allies?
Join Oasis California President The Rev. Tom Jackson Monday night for a Sacred Cocktails discussion on this topic Monday night Aug. 20 in the Castro’s Twin Peaks Tavern. We meet at 7 for community time and talk from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.