Support for Trans Resolutions

Prepared for Commiitte hearing today but not speken due to a lack of time:

"All" does not always mean "all" in the Episcopal Church. “All” has often not meant “all” in our church. If it did we wouldn’t have seen the formation of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. If it did women would not have had to wait for so long to become ordained as priests and bishops. If it did no one would have cared when The Rev. Gene Robinson became The Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson. “All” does not mean “all” until your name is on the invitation for full membership, until you no longer have to ride in the back of the bus, until you can walk out of the closet and be seen as you really are.

It is time for our church to make transgender people full members of the Body of Christ. It is time for you to put trans people on the list of those we welcome and protect as full members of our church.

Enough is enough. None of God’s children should ever be made invisible; no one should ever be a second class citizen of our church. If a trans person is good enough to be baptized by our church, to live as a member of our church, to pledge and sing in the choir of our church, then they are good enough to be considered on their merits by our church and not disqualified from ordination just because they are trans. We can do better than this. You can do help by approving this measure and sending it on for approval at the next step.