2013 ‘Walk and Be Well’

The Diocese of California invites you to join “Walk and Be Well” — a four-week walking program sponsored by CREDO, a wellness program of Church Pension Group.

Jesus spent much of his ministry walking. From town to town across Galilee, Samaria, and Judea, he walked and talked, in the company of his disciples, his followers and God.

CREDO’s Walk and Be Well offers a way to follow Jesus both in words and action, with a walking program attuned to both body and soul. The Walk and Be Well reflections in both text and audio are brief guideposts to help you begin your daily walk. Use them while walking solely or share them with your walking partner or group. DioCal has introduced a Facebook group — DioCal Walk and Be Well — where all are welcome to join and post pictures or reflections of their Walk and Be Well experiences in a virtual walking group. Please join in!

• For more information download this flyer.
• To sign up for the daily reflections by email visit episcopalcredo.org/wellness/health-resources/walk
• DioCal Walk and Be Well Facebook group — click here