CREDO sponsoring the Walk and Be Well program: starting September 30


A wellness invitation for you, your employees, and your whole parish —

This October, you can share the CREDO-sponsored Walk and Be Well program with your entire parish.  The Walk and Be Well walking program begins September 30 with an introductory email, followed by four weeks of daily reflections. If you have a parish walking group or would like to see one begin, Walk and Be Well is a great resource for supporting holistic wellness. Your parishioners can access the Walk and Be Well reflections each day prior to their walk and then discuss the reflections with their walking companions.

Walk and Be Well offers an accessible, inspirational, and informative way to promote the benefits of walking for mind, body, and spirit, and include your parishioners in the transformative messages of the CREDO experience. Send the link to this web page to your parish communicator for publication in your newsletter, bulletin, email newsletter, or facebook groups.  

And encourage your parishioners, of any age, to sign up for CREDO's Walk and Be Well.

Take a Big Step forward! 
Sign up today for CREDO’s Walk and Be Well

  • Open to all fitness walkers, beginner through experienced
  • Four weeks of reflections in  text and audio written by CREDO faculty members
  • Motivating messages promoting wellness of body, mind, and spirit and the multi-faceted benefits of walking
  • Delivered by email each morning for reading prior to walking or for listening as walkers begin their exercise   
  • Perfect for solo walkers as a walking meditation or as a conversation starter in a walking group
  • Pre-walking resources with tips and advice for beginning a safe and effective fitness program   
  • Available by email, podcast and on the CREDO website   

Sponsored by CREDO, supporting a holistic approach to health and wellness in the Episcopal Church 

Walk and Be Well emails begin September 30. October 1 is your first walking day.

Subscribe today to Walk and Be Well.