2017 Faith and innovation conference, Saratoga

Saturday, February 25, 2017, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

What kind of world do people want to live in? This conference will explore how to find the way through the great advances of innovation and technology. Drawing from ethics, spiritual wisdom, law, and philosophy, how will people create the "good life"? Join for this engaging and question-seeking in this 2nd annual conference on faith and innovation. Come and explore the nexus points between innovation, technology, and faith and how they may work together to nurture and improve the world. Conference topics: Ethics, innovation, and the good life; A God's eye view & artificial intelligence; The Importance of law in an era of tech change. Speakers: Shannon Vallor, Chair of Department of Philosophy, Santa Clara University; Robert Cusick, Certified Compassion Cultivation Training Instructor; Mark Johnson, CEO, Descartes Lab; Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves, Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real; Stephen Wu, Council Silicon Valley Law Group.

Where: The Center, St. Andrew's, 13601 Saratoga Avenue, Saratoga
Cost: $25 (includes bag lunch)