Anti-Racism Training Part 1: Introduction to Systemic Racism

Saturday, August 29, 2020, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

To meet the canonical requirements for 14 hours of anti-racism training, there will be two, all-day trainings offered for the diocese of CA. This training is first for those who are in the ordination process or who are running for diocesan office. Space is limited. However, this training is important, and we do encourage anyone to take it who thinks it will beneficial for their work in the church. Both trainings are required for the canonical requirement of 14 hours of anti-racism training, but individuals not seeking to fill a requirement may sign up for just one training.

The idea that oppression, and in particular, racism, is not only a matter of individual prejudice but a systemic, institutional problem of power is foundational to the Introduction to Systemic Racism workshop, and that it requires structural intervention to dismantle. The workshop is designed for institutions that want their staff as well as their leadership to understand the systemic nature of racism and the role institutions play in its maintenance.

Cost: $25

All training provided by Crossroads.  Recognizing that racism goes beyond personal prejudice, Crossroads offers a distinctive Power Analysis of how racism functions in institutions and offers tools to create antiracist transformation.

Amy Cook